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“Have an engaging ebook or kindle publication ghost written for you to increase your market reach, elevate your positioning, and make you an authority figure”



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Why do you need to have your own book?

You will be seen as an authority

When a prospect sees you have a book about your market, written in your name, they will see you as an authority figure.  People pay higher prices for somebody they see as an expert, much in the same way a celebrity chef commands higher prices than one that is unknown.

Increase your market reach

If you have your book in digital format, it can be sent as a gift to your prospects and customers who are likely to share it via their social media channels.  Then, by having your contact details, links to your site or even offers in your book, your prospects and customers ultimately become your sales force, spreading word by mouth.

Sets you aside from your competition

Imagine if you were given the choice between seeing two Doctors, one of which had a book in their name about the problem you wanted to consult with them with, can you see how much more likely you would be to choose that Doctor over the other?  Having a book makes it easier for your prospects to choose you over your competition.

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